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Technologie Transfer Marburg (TTM) is the logistic partner of the Global Pharma Health Fund exclusively licensed and responsible for Minilab assembly, invoicing and shipment. Quotes for a standard Minilab including lab equipment, reference standards, reagents and test solutions for both, TLC and dye tests, can be obtained from them. Quotes may also include the costs for transport for each destination, however, the costs for clearance cannot be stated and must be investigated locally by the project itself.For Minilab maintenance, global delivery of replacement items is secured through the same supply route. Minilabs can be customised to cater for specific project needs, for example using TLC equipment and reference standards for antimalarial drug quality verification only. Depending on the final specification, the price might then go up or down. For GPHF-Minilab™ orders contact us.

Rapid Counterfeit Medicines Detection anywhere in the World
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The GPHF-Minilab takes the basic drug testing scheme published by the World Health Organization (WHO) some thirty years ago into the 21st century. New test methods have been introduced, and supplied are not only operation manuals printed in different languages, but also a complete range of lab ware, starter kit chemicals and reference standards is included - all suitably packed for global shipment by air. Now, identification of counterfeit medicines containing wrong, too little, or no ingredients at all can be performed instantly anywhere in the world. Results obtained by a set of physical and chemical screening tests must match the product label claims for, at least, drug identity and content. If they do not match or results are inconclusive, then the appropriate batches can be frozen for further investigation in a fully-fledged lab. A Complete Laboratory in One SuitcaseA heavy-duty flight case contains the essential components - a full range of glassware for sample extraction, preparation, pipetting and spotting, high performance chromatographic plates, developing and detection chambers, electronic pocket balance, UV lamps with different wavelengths, a hot plate and calliper rules. Even pens and pencils are included.In addition, the flight case contains a manual with simple operation procedures and a collection of reference agents for up to 102 active pharmaceutical ingredients. Reducing sciences to working practice and richly illustrated, the manual reads more like a cooking recipe than a complex instruction booklet. The manual’s method inventory is also available in French and Spanish. The suitcase is accompanied by a set of chemicals that allows the immediate use of Minilabs in any corner of the world.    

The GPHF-Minilab™ - Protection Against Counterfeit Medicines
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Due to an increase in the proliferation of fake and dodgy medicines and the individual and collective health risks associated with this phenomenon, drug quality control in the distribution systems of developing countries has become more and more important for consumer protection today. According to the latest research from the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 10 medical products circulating in developing countries is either substandard or falsified.Under these circumstances, a greater number of samples have to be tested in order to maintain an appropriate assurance of drug quality and a high level of patient protection. Yet at the same time, pharmacopoeial analyses have become more and more expensive and only a few centers of excellence in some countries are currently available to perform them in the quantities required.In order to bridge the capacity gap in regular drug quality monitoring on national level in low-income countries and in order to overcome limited access to regular drug quality testing of public, private and faith-based drug supplies, the Global Pharma Health Fund (GPHF) set out to develop and supply inexpensive field test kits with simple test methods for rapid drug quality verification and counterfeit medicines detection.

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