Advising and Planning

TTM can support you in the planning and implementation of various medical projects as well as in dealing with natural disasters. With outstanding technical and administrative experience with products and projects, TTM will gladly work alongside you in an advisory capacity.


A wide range of medical products can be ordered from TTM: from needles and dressings to surgical instruments and individual pieces of equipment up to complete hospital facilities – everything that you need for your project.

Development and Manufacture of Niche Products

TTM specializes in the development of “non-commercial medical products”. In TTM workshops (electronics, fine mechanics, paint shop, welding shop, carpentry shop) various products are produced that can be used under normal or difficult conditions.


As an IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) accredited firm, TTM dispatches according to international standards. TTM picks, packs, and ships its products expertly, according to the prescribed transport guidelines – from packages to shipment containers.


TTM has an export division which has delivered medical technology and equipment to more than 130 countries worldwide. In addition to simple mailings, air-, sea-, and truck transports, TTM also ships hazardous and refrigerated cargo and organizes charter air transportation, e.g. for emergency aid projects.

Installation and Training (Basic and Advanced)

If requested, TTM installs the equipment, providing experienced technicians on site, and instructs technicians and those who operate the equipment in the use of and, if necessary, maintenance of the equipment. In addition, TTM offers traineeships and individual advanced training for prospective and practicing (medical) technicians.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts Service

TTM provides reasonably-priced maintenance, repairs, and spare parts for medical equipment which is to be donated or which cannot be repaired on site. Further, TTM supplies replacement parts for medical and other technical equipment, provides operating- and maintenance instructions and circuit diagrams, or assists in their procurement.

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