In many countries, medical facilities are totally inadequate. TTM’s clients include governmental organizations, charitable institutions, churches as well as numerous private initiatives. All of them work toward the common goal of improving healthcare facilities.

TTM’s supply options are as varied as its clientele: from individual pieces of equipment up to complete hospital facilities – TTM offers you all requested services and products from a single source.

Tajikistan – Hospital Equipment

In 2015 TTM provided the entire radiology as well as the laboratory equipment for the Medical Center – Poytakht - 90 in Dushanbe. The project also included an MRI, CT, several fluoroscopic devices, ultrasound scanners as well as the complete laboratory equipment. The value of the contract amounted to € 6.1 million.

Benin – Expansion of an OR Container

At the beginning of 2015, a container developed for operating rooms left TTM’s company grounds. The container was added on to the existing hospital in the Centre Médical Gohomey (CMG) – a rural region of Benin – and is to contribute to a better medical infrastructure. We delivered a fully furnished air-conditioned operating room complete with appropriate medical-technical equipment and ancillary medical rooms.

Burkina Faso – Incinerators

TTM organized the supply and installation of in total 54 incinerators, at the request of the Ministry of Health (as part of the PADS program) and for a vaccination program conducted by PATH/WHO, with the aim of enabling hospitals and health centers in rural areas to control the disposal of infectious waste. In conjunction with these projects, TTM carried out on-site training sessions for the local providers and for the health ministry’s maintenance service personnel. For both of these projects TTM worked closely with its local partner UNIVERS du MEDICAL / Monsieur Simbou Traoré, whose personnel was able to conduct training sessions and provide installations and maintenance.


Stop-TB Partnership works under the auspices of the United Nations on combatting tuberculosis. From 2010 until the present, TTM has supervised a contract for the equipping of reference laboratories in over 20 countries worldwide. TTM supplies consumer materials, reagents, chemicals as well as laboratory devices and equipment. So far, reference laboratories have been equipped in over 26 countries (Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South and Central America), and in total several hundred individual orders have been filled.

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