Packaging - Export - Delivery

Delivery and export preparations

TTM dispatches worldwide and at affordable prices

  • organises transport
  • insures all goods
  • arranges for inspection of goods
  • handles export formalities
  • compiles all necessary paperwork for export and import for the receiving country


Packaging and delivery

TTM has carpenter's workshop where professional packaging is done

  • on pallets
  • in lattice boxes
  • in air freight crates
  • in sea cargo crates
As a certified IPPC enterprise, TTM ships according to international packaging standards.

All of the carefully constructed wooden crates offer the best possible protection against damages in transit.

They are constructed from high-quality materials which can be reused for furniture or construction once unloaded by the recipient.

Deliveries can also be made in shipping crates which can be converted on the spot into office furniture like bookcases or tables with a simple screwdriver.



We can also pack containers for you if you have a large shipment to make.
  • Our shipping service included parcels as well as
  • air freight,
  • sea freight,
  • lorry transports,
  • the transport of dangerous or chilled goods and
  • charter flights in the case of emergency aid endeavours.



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