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TTM delivers to you spare parts and consumable supplies for medical and other devices. Also you will still receive spare parts for many older devices, which are no longer available at the manufacturers; the TTM archives with instructions for use, instructions for maintenance and circuit diagrams can be at your disposal.

You will receive counseling and support for fault diagnostics and repairs by telephone, fax and email as well as on-site. We send spare parts and consumables supplies worldwide by postal service and shipping agents.


Do you want to have your second-hand medical devices examined by experts before they are dispatched to developing countries?

TTM services, repairs and completes your medical devices at a low price. Instructions for use, consumable supplies, parts subject to wear and spare parts are also available for many older devices.

Are you working in a developing country which means that a damaged medical device cannot be repaired on the spot?

TTM gives you advice for troubleshooting, dispatches spare parts to you and - as long as expenses are refunded - also sends experienced technical engineers. If you can send us your damaged device, we will first of all draw up a cost estimate for the repair and will only start on the repair if we receive your approval. Of course we will send back the repaired device to you as reasonably priced as possible, and we will also take care of the customs formalities in Germany.


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