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Development of the majority of medical devices targets large international markets in America, Asia and Europe. The deployment circumstances and operating conditions of this equipment are incomparable to those in the developing and emerging countries, which encounter unfavorable conditions, such as:

  • absence or poor quality of power supply,
  • extreme temperature and humidity,
  • insufficiently trained operating staff,
  • inadequate maintenance and repair services and
  • limited financial resources for consumables and maintenance.

These circumstances are taken into account in manufacturing TTM's own range of products.


Innenraum eines Container OPsAdaptive Technology

Along with up-to-date technology for referral hospitals in the developing countries and Eastern Europe, TTM provides cost-effective solutions for improving care services in a large number of small rural health centers, e.g.:

  • Photovoltaic power plants for electricity generation, suitable for applications such as cooling of pharmaceuticals and surgical illumination
  • Generators, emergency power supply units (supported by PV energy)
  • Voltage stabilizers
  • Sterilizers, including those with kerosene heating
  • Devices with simple manual operation rather than electrically driven
  • Sturdy and rust free stainless steel articles with long service life
  • Water filters and chemical-free water treatment units
  • and much more ...

In many cases, TTM can flexibly respond to specific demands.

  • Refitting/ adaption of existing equipment
  • Construction of vehicles adapted to rough terrain use
  • Surgery units in converted shipping containers for mobile medical care provision



Development and Production

A variety of devices and equipment are manufactured in TTM's own workshops.

Here, particular emphasis is given by the use of high-durability materials and processing of high quality stainless steel. Some products are constructed in such a way they are entirely demountable, thus allowing for low cost packing and transportation. Examples of products produced by TTM include:


TTM has been recently dealing with the issue of medical waste disposal and has taken part in the development of appropriate products:

Alongside the serial production, TTM can also supply equipment manufactured upon request, e.g. prototypes or tailor-made products, and provides free advice if you plan to set up production facilities in a developing country.


Do you have any other requests? Please contacts us - we will do our best to help you.

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