Mobile Logistics

Mobile healthcare solutions prove particularly beneficial in countries with poor infrastructure and in emergency situations.

  • Field hospital
  • Converted vehicles (e. g. for use as a gynecological or dental station or a diagnostic facility)
  • Operation theatre in a shipping container

Here you can find a description of an example for planning and conversion of a shipping container into an operating theatre.

Here you can see a short presentation in English on the Container-operating unit.

The mobile units are custom-built according to the customer's requirements, taking into account the distinctive local conditions. They are fully equipped with diagnostic devices, essential medical instruments and disposable materials. Here are just a few examples:



Operation Theater in Shipping Container

Purchaser: Doctors for Life Internationalinside-the-mobile-theatre

On one of her trips through South Africa, Aleta Sopha from Doctors for Life International came up with an idea of converting a shipping container into a mobile hospital to improve the medical care in the country. A standard shipping container of 2.35 m width and 6, m length altered to the customer´s requirements was off to South Africa, outfitted with OT table and other equipment for operation theatre and laboratory as well as with air-conditioning system and a power generator.

The mobile operation theatre and treatment unit is primarily used for medical care of landmine survivals and for cataract surgeries as well as for the treatment of many other diseases and injuries. It is deployed in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and other countries.

The shipping container conversion was supported by "Bild Hilft - ein Herz für Kinder" and other donations.





Improving Women’s Health/ Mobile Clinic Vehicles

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

In order to insure medical care for women in war zones in former Yugoslavia, mobile medical facilities were constructed, among others. For this purpose TTM built a specially designed trailer for use as a mobile operation and treatment room, with a thermally insulated body shell and inner walls that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. It is fully fitted with diagnostic and treatment equipment as well as with medical furniture including in-built stainless steel cabinets.






Equipment for Mobile Medical Centers

In the context of disaster relief interventions, TTM supplies materials for various emergency health care facilities, for example to the German Red Cross for the Emergency Response Units (ERU) – mobile health stations and mobile field hospitals.










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