About the Association's Philosophy and History

Worldwide Supply of Health Projects

Medical care is inadequate in many countries around the world. State-run organizations, non-profit institutions, the Church and many private initiatives in industrial nations and poorer countries are trying to improve healthcare services to help the sick. In addition, national and international organisations provide assistance with medical care in cases of natural catastrophes or armed conflicts.

Specialised Since 1983

TTM association was founded in 1983 with the support of the Marburg job center and the GTZ. Its original objective was focused on the refurbishment of used medical equipment and the manufacture of stainless steel products for the field of medical technology. Over time, TTM expanded its range of offers and today it mainly provides new medical devices and supplies. Used equipment and niche products from its own production complement the TTM range. Exports, installation and on-site training also supplement its delivery performance so that TTM now provides the execution of entire projects including all of the necessary services.

Social Commitment and Integration

TTM offers vocational training possibilities for young people in the area of exernal trade and pays special attention social components. Among other things, this means that employment vacancies in the labour market are preferably staffed with disadvantaged applicants such as those with severe disabilities or people who have struggled with long-term unemployment. In doing so, TTM combines professional consulting and support with social commitment. As a registered association, TTM works independently and not-for-profit.

More information to the History of TTM e. V.: Brochure TTM History

The MarMed GmbH Subsidiary

A subsidiary with this same focus was founded in 2001 as an integration project, which foresees a large part proportion of job positions for the severely disabled: MarMed GmbH.

MarMed focuses on supply of medical products to veterinary practises and clinics in Germany and neighbouring countries. Further details are available here.

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